Bramble is
your space



hang out







not meetings.

Want to talk to someone? Just walk over to them. Bramble’s fluid video technology makes virtual communication fun and super natural.

Get some
room to roam

Hang out in beautiful worlds as a group, or break off for a virtual walk with a friend.

Ricky 😎
Katie s.
Sam 😈
Hey, wassup?

“It’s like Zoom meets Animal Crossing”

‘‘Virtual worlds that feel more like a real-life party and less like a Webex team meeting’’

“With Bramble, we’re able to bring our programming to the virtual realm and discover new ways of making friends, presenting performances and engaging with our audience.”

“This was no Zoom trivia night; it was a surreal digital realm with a dose of IRL.”

Zoom Out

No more staring out at a wall of faces or feeling like a human spreadsheet. Bramble was created to be joyful and intuitive for all.

No Downloads

All on browser, one click to join

The Magic of Mingle

Talk with people naturally in
beautiful spaces


Add your own assets or
decorate with ours

Secure and Private

Encrypted using the same policy
as services like Google Meet

Visit different worlds

Invite people in again. Create your space to decorate and entertain in.
Invite friends, colleagues or customers to gather in your virtual world. See how Bramble’s virtual spaces have inspired joy and connection among gatherings of all sizes.

Special occasions with friends and family
Meet clients in your personalized HQ
Secret, magical rooms to discover
Host a party on mars
For epic concerts and media events

No Need to Hover

Do your own thing. Simple, intuitive controls give guests and organizers superpowers without any need for training.

Shake Your Tailfeathers

Clear your head and get your groove on.
It’s not a party without tunes, so you can DJ in Bramble using your playlists.

Invite people in again

Let Bramble’s virtual spaces inspire joy and connection
across all your gatherings.

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