A More Human Way to Gather Online

Bramble gives you everything you need to create and customize your own virtual space for every kind of social gathering online.

It’s like Zoom meets Animal Crossing


With Bramble, we’re able to bring our programming to the virtual realm and discover new ways of making friends, performing and engaging with our audience


It’s like Zoom meets Animal Crossing


This was no Zoom trivia night; it was a surreal digital realm with a dose of IRL


Bramble is the video-conferencing platform I wish existed at the start of the pandemic


The tech world is already seeing massive potential in Bramble


With Bramble, we’re able to bring our programming to the virtual realm and discover new ways of making friends, performing and engaging with our audience


Bramble is a video chat room that attempts to give attendees the feeling they’re actually at a party


I walked through the lobby of a comedy club and started to make small talk with a neon jellyfish


Virtual worlds that feel more like a real-life party and less like a Webex team meeting


Holiday Gatherings

Your Winter Wonderland Awaits

Create a magical holiday gathering in five minutes with our beautiful winter lodge.

Virtual Headquarters

Feel Like a
Team Again

Bramble makes socializing and working remote feel fresh.

  • Host happier happy hours for your remote team
  • Collaborate beyond meetings
  • Hundreds of online group games and tools
  • Tell your story by decorating your virtual offices

Conferences & Conventions

The Missing Piece For Your Conference

Virtual conference platforms aren't enough to create an atmosphere of spontaneity and fun. Bramble is the perfect social addition to your existing tech.

  • Go beyond chat - let your guests move & hang out
  • Unique sponsorship opportunities and activations
  • Seamless integration with any streaming platform

Events & Activation

Immersive Events

From festivals to glossy premieres, virtual spaces wow your guests and VIPs with memorable experiences.

  • Simultaneous activities for your guests to walk between
  • Spatial video adds joy and freedom to every conversation
  • Complete customization allows immersive storytelling for creatives and sponsors alike
  • Unique form of engagement & interaction

How It Works

Super Natural Tech

Meetings made easy and fun

Want to talk to someone? Just walk over to them. Bramble’s Fluid Video Technology makes virtual communication fun and super natural.

Get some
room to roam

Hang out in beautiful worlds as a group, or break off for a virtual one on one with a teammate.


Nothing to Download
or Install

Secure and Private

Bring joy back to
online work!

You’re in Good Company

Some of the teams already on Bramble
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Explore Beautiful Worlds Together

From modern offices to rooms in the clouds, there's a Bramble theme for you.

Try now

Creative Services & Production Help

We've facilitated thousands of events from artist showcases to team socials to major launches. Our community of over 5,000 artists enables us to offer programming and creative services to bring your vision to life.

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