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From virtual happy hours and team building events to virtual headquarters

Bramble has everything you need to get closer to your team.
Icebreakers and activities to connect remote teams

Work and play together with endless embeddable activities. Add games, whiteboards, websites, and collaborative tools like Miro or Figma right into your virtual space.

Bring your mission to life

Showcase your organization’s history, values and milestones by telling your story in a virtual space. Perfect for employee onboarding, team happy hours and special events.

Less meetings, more conversations

Teammates can go for a walk or grab a spot on the sofa together, just like in real life. Gather for team building activities, happy hours or collaboration.

Decorate your space

Customize your space to make it yours - add branding, an office pet, team photos or your favorite skyline.

Use the tools you already use

Bramble offers seamless integration with the tools you know and love. Add Google Docs, Office 365, Miro, Figma and hundreds of other collaboration tools to your virtual space.

Embed tools

You’re in good company

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While we’re using really powerful tools for remote meetings and productivity, jumping into one of those sterile platforms when want to be social together is like having an office party around a bank of cubicles. It’s also hard in those channels to replicate the organic mingling and small group chatting that happens in-person. Bramble has given us a great opportunity to get together in a virtual environment that’s fun and designed specifically for nurturing team culture.

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