The missing piece for your conference

Internet video conferencing platforms aren't enough to create an atmosphere of spontaneity and fun. Bramble is redefining the virtual conference experience with immersive environments designed to make gathering online feel more joyful and more human.

It’s like Zoom meets Animal Crossing.

This was no Zoom trivia night; it was a surreal digital realm with a dose of IRL

Bramble is the video-conferencing platform I wish existed at the start of the pandemic

The tech world is already seeing massive potential in Bramble.

With Bramble, we’re able to bring our programming to the virtual realm and discover new ways of making friends, performing and engaging with our audience.

Bramble is a video chat room that attempts to give attendees the feeling they’re actually at a party

I walked through the lobby of a comedy club and started to make small talk with a neon jellyfish.

Virtual worlds that feel more like a real-life party and less like a Webex team meeting.

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About Bramble

Bramble is a joyful, more intuitive way to gather online. Our fluid video technology allows people to gather way more like they do in real life.

All the tools you need to
host the most unique and engaging online conference

Session rooms

Presentation stages

Exhibitor booths

Networking space

Spatial Video Chat
No download required
Secure and private
Seamless integration

Themes for every virtual conference

With our wide range of themes, where will you take your attendees? Anything is possible in Bramble.

Modern Theme
A modern, clean look
Trippy Theme
Beautiful and psychedelic
Forest Theme
Refreshing greenery to enjoy the outdoors
Bohemian Theme
Hip and artsy
Scandinavian Theme
Clean and minimalist

Let your guests network
like in real life

Want to talk to someone? Just walk your avatar over to them.

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Everything you need to collaborate

Make sessions and workshops actionable when you embed Google Docs, Office 365, Miro, Figma and hundreds of other productivity tools.

Unique form of engagement & interaction

Want to talk to someone? Just walk over to them. Bramble’s Fluid Video Technology makes virtual communication fun and super natural.

Seamless integration with any streaming platform

Live stream all or part of your conference from inside of your Bramble space. Perfect for keynotes, big reveals or live public announcements.

Customize and personalize

Make your conference space stand out by using our simple tools and fun graphic assets.

Unique sponsorship opportunities

Design your exhibit hall and equip sponsors with virtual booths to draw people in.

Seeing the positive energy our employees exude post a Bramble experience is electric.

Elizabeth Hall

Chief People Officer - Splash

Our Bramble annual staff party was a ton of fun including my transformation into a green flame-engulfed flip phone avatar! I much appreciated particularly how the experience spurs greater connection/conversation between a larger number of colleagues.

Tom M.

We had an amazing time exploring the Bramble worlds.

Google, Adam R.
Marketing Associate

This was no Zoom trivia night; it was a surreal digital realm with a dose of IRL.

Cool Hunting

Unanimous view was that the experience far exceeded that of a traditional Zoom or MS teams call. It turned out to be a big hit!

Rohan S.
Bank of Montreal

Bramble has given us a great opportunity to get together in a virtual environment that’s fun and designed specifically for nurturing team culture.

Stafford M.
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Go beyond chat

Let attendees move & hang out.

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