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  • Up to 10 people at a time in your space
  • Basic features


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  • Everything in the free plan
  • Up to 25 people at a time
  • Add more capacity at a member preferred price: only $5 per person  (50% discount)
  • Advanced features
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  • Single event use of all membership features, without the monthly membership.
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Custom Design
& Services

We offer creative services, event programming and faciliation staff. Reach out for a customized quote.

Custom Artwork
Our design team will create bespoke images to use in your space, bringing your brand, company culture or event theme to life.
Custom Map Creation
Our world-building team will create a specific floorplan that fits the size and needs of your group perfectly.
Event Facilitation
Hire the Bramble team to help greet attendees, manage event flow, and handle on-site technical support.
Nonprofit & Education Discounts

Contact us if you are a nonprofit or individual educator for a discount.

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Basic features
Number of users
Up to 10
Up to 25
add more seats as needed
Customize your space
Add logos, images and interactive content to transform your space
Embed websites
Add thousands of games, collaboration tools, e-commerce links and more
Add music
Embed playlists to create the perfect vibe, or bring in a DJ for your events
Play videos & live streams
Watch YouTube, Vimeo, and livestream content right in Bramble
Use spotlights to speak to the entire room
Organizers have control of the spotlight
Add co-organizers
Give permissions to as many co-organizers as you’d like
Password protect your space
Block and ban features
Chat and global announcements
Organizers can send global announcements and clear the room chat feed anytime
Share your screen
Advanced features
Add more capacity
Add capacity for larger events anytime, or for your team ongoing
Restrict access to guest list by email
Gate your space by adding individual emails or using CSV list uploads
Create custom link to your space
Create vanity links for your spaces
Utilize synchronized video
Set a start date/time and video content will play in sync for everyone watching
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